Awesome Designers Wrote This Book

  • Colorful Stories and Perspectives

    From inspirational to hilarious, this book is filled with diverse stories that will give you a look into the graphic design world.

  • Successes and Challenges

    All designers go through ups and downs. Read about success stories, first and favorite projects — plus mistakes and failures.

  • Design Education and Personal Growth

    You'll discover different educational experiences and learn some motivating factors that keep designers inspired.

  • Practical Tips and Processes

    Learn about what tools, proceeses and software are used by beginning and experienced designers.

You have to know more than just design. You have to know about business, finances, production, inventory, client management, relationship building, technology and a host of other skills.
Jacinda Walker
Jacinda Walker
Founder, designExplorr
The value of design is what it does for people. It’s not about you, it’s about them.
Paul Nini
Paul Nini
Professor of Design at The Ohio State University
Though I have several advanced degrees, and have been a design professor for years now, I am also still a student taking classes —literally. I’m a fan of the industry as well as a practitioner.
Douglas Davis
Douglas Davis
Creative Strategist, Author and Professor

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Design Insight gives an intimate look inside the world of design through the lens of various designers who were gracious enough to honestly share their experiences, successes, failures, opinions and stories.

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About the Author

Shannel Wheeler is a graphic designer, author, creative strategist and creator of the Awesome Design Academy. Her passion and purpose in design stem from her love for art as a child and have grown from a myriad of experiences in corporate America, startups, and her own business ventures over the last 15 years. Shannel’s vision is to empower and inspire beginners in design through fun and easy learning tools.

In her spare time, she likes to laugh, eat, travel, stay active, watch football, play video games, and make each day of life another day of adventure.

The Awesome Design Academy teaches beginners and aspiring design professionals how to create awesome graphics.

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